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B (A Minor : Habitual Residence) [2016] EWHC 2174 (Fam)

Judgment, published: 30/01/2016

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  • Father's application for the return of the child to Spain after the mother had wrongfully removed him to the UK. The 'disastrous state of affairs' had resulted in the child being taken into care when the mother returned to Brazil and found herself unable to return to the UK. Judgment, 16/07/2018, free
  • Applicant mother was seeking the return of the 2 children from Madagascar where they were living with the father after being wrongfully removed from the UK. A return order was made. Judgment, 10/05/2017, free
  • Father's application to return child to Switzerland, following alleged wrongful abduction. Dismissed on grounds that the child was habitually resident in the UK. Judgment, 15/02/2018, free
  • Father's appeal against a court ruling that the child was habitually resident in Finland and therefore the UK court did not have jurisdiction to deal with the father's applications in relation to the child. Appeal dismissed. Judgment, 21/02/2017, free
  • Father's application under the 1980 Hague Convention seeking summary return of his son to the USA succeeded. Judgment, 20/07/2018, free
  • Standard family order as approved by the President June 2018 Order, 22/08/2018, members only
  • Standard family order as approved by the President June 2018 Order, 22/08/2018, members only
  • Father's application under Hague Convention 1980 seeking an order for the summary return of his children to Australia. The court found that the children were habitually resident in the UK at the date on which the children were allegedly 'wrongfully retained' and it followed that the children were not wrongfully retained at all. The father's application therefore failed. Judgment, 27/01/2017, free
  • After considering issues in relation to service, an order was made for the child to return to the UK from Spain in the short term so that CAFCASS could make an assessment which would inform the court before a final decision on where the child should live could be made. Judgment, 03/05/2018, free

Published: 30/01/2016


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