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Baker v Baker [1995] EWCA Civ 31

Judgment, published: 31/12/1995

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  • In brief: Finding that the pot of liquid assets totalled £14.9million, that the pot of Russian business assets totalled £5.7million and that the husband (“H”) had not wilfully dissipated assets nor hidden assets, Mr Justice Moor awarded the wife (“W”) £9.6million with the husband (“H”) retaining £12.9million. Wells-sharing of the Russian business assets was considered to be entirely inappropriate, and H keeping the business assets would allow him to be provided with an income and a return of his capital in the long term. His housing needs were also met plus he had monies to clear his significant debts (£2.8million). W took all the non-Russian liquid assets plus received an indemnity in relation to French tax liabilities and £20,000 a year in child maintenance and a school fees/education costs order. Judgment, 22/10/2018, free
  • Judgment in financial remedy proceedings involving consideration of jurisdiction under Part III of the MFPA 1984. Mr Justice Moor found that he had jurisdiction and W was awarded shares in properties totalling c£8m. Judgment, 19/04/2015, free
  • An acrimonious financial remedy case in which the liquid assets were worth around £4m but the cost of litigation so far amounted to £1m. The husband was English, the wife Russian and much of the case revolved around the husband's blatant lies about income which he had concealed in a Jersey bank account, and the wife's disposal of a property at an undervalue and other monies which she had spent or dissipated unreasonably. Judgment, 20/03/2014, free
  • Judgment in long running financial remedy proceedings where the husband claimed he was now penniless. The judge found that his assets were £40m and awarded the wife half of that sum as that amount also matched her reasonable needs. Judgment, 22/11/2013, free

Published: 31/12/1995


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